Review - A Double-Edged Sword by L.M. Somerton

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A Double-Edged Sword

by L.M. Somerton

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Volume 4 of Tales from The Edge

Tags: D/s BDSM

Posted in Book Reviews on November 9, 2022

Becket and Christian have been doing scenes together for a while. They both want to take things further, but Becket's work for the security services makes his schedule unpredictable. Just when they're starting to work things out, a terrorist bomb turns everything on its head. The incident provides the catalyst both men need to consider what's really important.

Both of the main characters appeared in the earlier books of the series. You'll want to have read at least the preceding two volumes before this one, especially to know who Becket is and what he does. All the couples from the first three books play at least some role in this story.

Becket played a significant role in the second book, Living on the Edge, where he was introduced as Aiden's controller. Although he also shows up in the last book, he is still a bit of a mystery. That's probably to be expected since he is effectively a secret agent. Like most of the dominants in this series, his past and motivations are a little fuzzy. At least the source of his income is clear, which is often a problem in D/s stories, where Doms seem to have an infinite amount of time and money to spend on their subs.

Christian is another sweet young man with strong submissive tendencies. Like the other subs in this series, he is not helpless. He just likes to have the firm guiding hand of a dominant in his life, especially once he gets a taste of what Becket can do to him.

The arc of this story is a little more linear than many of the previous books of the series. There aren't really any significant twists and turns, but it is a satisfying read.

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