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Bangkok's Penis Garden

The topic of “monuments to the male member” came up again recently on Twitter, so I thought it might actually make for an interesting topic for a continuing series of articles - there are a lot of penis statues around Southeast Asia, and I have pictures of many of them. This article is about a little shrine in Bangkok called the Chao Mae Tubtim shrine. It’s quite well known, and in most guidebooks, but it’s slightly out-of-the-way so it doesn’t get very many visitors.

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Is Bali Ruined? Reflections On My Own Travels

I’ve decided to post a little more here on the general topic of travel. While I’ve written a few articles about some of the places that feature in my books, I haven’t talked about travel in general, which is, after all, what I write about for a living (a very, very modest living, I might add). I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but this particular article was prompted by an article on Huffington Post asking, “Is Bali a Lost Cause?

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