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This is another story that I wrote in the mid-1990s. It was definitely my ‘blue’ period. Ruins The old abbot looked out across the dusty compound surrounding the ancient old chedi from the shade of a tree. It was late in the afternoon, on a typically hot March day. The workmen were already finishing up their work for the day; not that there were that many of them left. The work on the reconstruction of the chedi was almost complete.

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This is a short little piece I wrote back in 1995 or so. It't been on-line at some of my other sites before. alone There is a feeling of emptiness about the house. It has all the signs of both occupation and absence. The smell of teak still hung in the air, but not the scent of polish. In the corner, well under the louvered windows, where the sun never shines, a cat naps, where it's obvious she always sleeps, to avoid the heat of the day.