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The Journeys Series

The Journeys series is a trilogy of books set in the late nineteenth century. The books follow two men, a Sicilian named Piero and the Englishman Henry, as they first meet in England, and then embark on their separate journeys to Southeast Asia. Journey to Angkor follows Piero's explorations of Indochina, whileJourney to Rai-Lay recounts Henry's adventure. The two are reunited in Journey's End for one last joint expedition. All three stories are available as a single ebook in the Journeys Omnibus.

The Naga's Treasure

Prince Suriya never expected to become king. His older brothers were definitely more suited to the throne. Whoever became king had to make nightly visits to the chamber of Lord Naga, to please the protector of Angkor, who legend says appears to the ruler as a woman, and Suriya had always preferred the pleasures of men.

The serpent lord could see into the hearts of men and was charged by the great god Vishnu with the protection of Angkor, yet he had to act through the human kings, by beguiling and cajoling them to follow his guidance. Lately it seems the great kings thought they knew more than the gods, and paid the price. Even the gods can grow weary of their tasks. Lord Naga longed for a man who would not only serve him, but also please him in the way no man had for hundreds of years.


David & Gun Series

The David & Gun series follows David, a 40-ish American living in Bangkok, as he meets and falls in love with Gun, a 30-something Thai. The two develop a slightly kinky relationship, with the younger Gun taking the role of a gentle Dominant to David's submissive needs. The first book, Holding On describes how the two meet and overcome the emotional obstacles to form their bond. In Five At Table they begin to form a family, while in Letting Go David confronts new fears.

Worlds Apart

Up-and-coming corporate financial analyst Jim Li couldn't be more different than the shy genius Jon Franklin, yet when the two meet there's definitely a connection, as much as Jim might try to deny it. But that connection isn't strong enough to pull Jon away from an obsession with a new idea, and when Jon disappears in an explosion, Jim is left alone with his guilt and grief. Five years later, Jim is still trying to get closure and move on, but then news comes of a foreign object entering Earth's solar system. Could it be that Jon has really returned? And could they every get back what they had before?