Review - Vampire's Indulgence by Drake LaMarque

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Vampire's Indulgence

by Drake LaMarque

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Volume 2 of Gentleman's Bounty

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Posted in Book Reviews on January 4, 2021

Note: This series is very much designed to be read in order. If you haven’t read the first book, then this review may contain spoilers.

Cedric is back aboard the Devil’s Whore sailing back to the Caribbean with his two lovers, Captain Lucifer and the vampire Dante, along with his former tutor Oliver, who Cedric has long had a crush on, which both men are planning on exploring further. Although seemingly safe for now, everyone knows the cult that tried to sacrifice Cedric is not going to give up trying to get him back and use him to fulfill their plans to bring an ancient evil one into this world.

Having introduced the major players in the first book, Kidnapped by the Gentleman, this second story is largely devoted to getting to know them more, and getting the characters to know each other in more intimate ways than they may have before. Like Gideon in the His Piratical Harem series, Cedric is something of a catalyst who brings men around him together into a very polyamorous kind of relationship.

Cedric remains a very likable cheeky chap. There’s still something of a brat to his personality, but he’s a little more aware of the dangers around him now, which is understandable in light of the events of the first book. There’s a lot about Cedric to remind you of Gideon from the other series, but they’re definitely different personalities. Like Gideon, it seems that Cedric may have some unknown store of magic within him, or perhaps some other powers that are only suggested at for now.

While the title may suggest that the plot of this volume revolves around Dante the vampire, he doesn’t play much more of a role than any of the other characters. The person we actually get to know a lot better is Oliver, Cedric’s former tutor who joins the crew before leaving London. His brief introduction at the start of the last book suggested he was a rather buttoned up young man, and as we learn in this book, that’s the tip of the iceberg for a rather dominating personality. That, of course, leads to some mildly kinky scenes of the type we’ve come to expect from these books.

There’s lots of “fun” in this outing, but things still get serious as the threat of the cult looms large in the lives of the entire crew of the ship. Naturally, things don’t get wrapped up in this book. There’s at least one more installment of the series to come.

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