Review - Brave Boy by K.M. Neuhold

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Brave Boy

by K.M. Neuhold

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Volume 2 of Perfect Boys

Tags: Contemporary D/s

Posted in Book Reviews on September 12, 2021

Emerson dreams of having a Daddy to take of him. Unfortunately, he's extremely shy, due in large part to a stutter that gets worse when he's nervous, and he always gets really nervous Kiernan. The business partner of Sterling's Daddy is everything that Emerson could want in a Daddy, but he can barely speak in front of the big man. Sterling suggests that Emerson try chatting up potential daddies online to build up his confidence. The idea works a little too well, as he finds one Dom in particular that pushes all his buttons, and makes Emerson wonders if his thing for Kiernan is just a crush.

“Brave Boy” borrows quite a bit from another of the author's works, Caulky, in the use of parallel relationship development between the main characters, one in the “real world” and the other online, where the two men don't know they're talking to their real world crushes. From there, however, the stories diverge quite widely, due to the very different characters involved.

Emerson was introduced in the previous book, as the shy stuttering bookshop owner with a penchant for unicorns who gives Sterling a job, then works with him on a project for the charity Barret and Kiernan operate. He definitely seems to be quite a believable character, if perhaps a little too sweet. He does have an interesting kinky side, which plays into the story line quite well.

Kiernan is the typical too-good-to-be-true daddy/dominant that is all too typical of these stories. Still, he's the kind of Dom you want to exist, and he's not completely unbelievable. While you don't have to have read the first book to enjoy this one, the previous volume did set up the two business partners' backgrounds, so we have an idea of what Kiernan does and why he can afford to spend so much time and money wooing a young man. I also like that Kiernan does get it wrong once in a while. The “infallible dominant” is a trope that really needs to die.

There are quite a few hints dropped about the subjects of the next book in the series, so you'll definitely want to read this installment before the next one comes out.

“Brave Boy” is available from Amazon.

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