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by K.M. Neuhold

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Volume 1 of Four Bears Construction

Tags: Contemporary

Posted in Book Reviews on September 6, 2020

Ren has just broken up with his partner of five years. His best friend decided that the best thing for Ren to do is get drunk and get laid. He does a little too well on the getting-drunk part, so when his friend convinces him to approach Cole, the big construction worker won’t go farther than a kiss, but what a kiss. It takes Ren a while to screw up the courage to go back to the bar for more, but Cole is there and neither man is disappointed, but can a hookup really lead to a full relationship, and is that what either man wants?

This is a somewhat difficult book to summarize briefly. There’s a lot more going on than just a simple hookup-to-lovers story. In a way, the plot explores the different way we fall in love. There’s the obvious physical attraction that Ren and Cole have when they hook up, but then there’s a sort of intellectual connection the two form via their online personas, “Rebound” and “CaulkyAF”, not knowing that they’re interacting with the same guy they’ve got a physical connection with.

Ren is definitely an interesting character. In many respects, he’s quite relatable, although his hobby is a little unusual. But, that’s a big part of what makes this book a pretty good read. It takes a seemingly ordinary plot and adds layers of complexity that you don’t often get in contemporary romance. The point of view switches back and forth between Cole and Ren, so you get to know both characters pretty well. Cole seems to be a bit more of a straight-forward what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of character.

The book also introduces Cole’s three business partners, who each feature in their own stories in the series. We get just enough of them to whet our appetites for coming books, which I’ll be reviewing in time.

“Caulky” is available from Amazon.

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