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by K.M. Neuhold

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Volume 5 of Four Bears Construction

Tags: Contemporary

Posted in Book Reviews on August 8, 2021

West was attracted to bar owner Sawyer the first time they met, but the fifteen year age gap between them made Sawyer turn him down, repeatedly. The two decided to remain “just friends” yet West still has feelings for Sawyer, and sometimes the bartender even reconsiders his refusal to have a relationship. But when West's friends and coworkers at Four Bears Construction intervene to convince him to move on, the young man tries to date other people. Only, Sawyer can't seem to stop himself from sabotaging West's dates. When West helps Sawyer restore the old house he inherited from the former bar owner, it draws the two even closer together, and tests both their resolves to remain just friends.

By now in this series, we know how the general arc of these stories is going to go. The fun part is how they get there, and the interesting details that emerge about the two men. There is also the usual heaping helping of humor and funny situations.

West was first introduced in the second book, Nailed, but hasn't played much of a role in the other books. He seems like a young man who in many ways is more mature than you would expect, even if Sawyer is refusing to acknowledge it. While he may not conform to our typical notion of a twenty-something person, West still comes across as very believable.

Sawyer has been a fixture at the bar where the guys hang out since the first book, but he hasn't played any significant role in the stories so far. I didn't find the explanation for Sawyer's rejection of West all that convincing, but it didn't make him any less believable of a character.

“Stud” is available from Amazon.

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