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by K.M. Neuhold

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Volume 4 of Four Bears Construction

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Posted in Book Reviews on May 10, 2021

Unlike his brother, and the other partners in Four Bears Construction, Ollie has always been a romantic who wanted the kind of relationship that lasts forever, just like in the romantic comedies he likes to watch. He's rushed into marrying guys he thought were “the one” three times, and each time has been divorced within months. Now Ollie is beginning to doubt he'll ever find true love. Daniel has never believed in true love. He's gone through life without any attachments and thinks that's the best way to be. Sure, he finds Ollie attractive, but he's sure he would break the man's heart so he keeps his distance. When the two wake up married after a drunken night in Vegas for Cole's bachelor party, it's the start of a crazy series of events worthy of those romantic comedies Ollie loves.

Like the previous books in the Four Bears Construction series, “Screwed” starts off with two men determined not have a relationship. Ollie may be obsessed with the idea of a happily ever after, but after three disastrous marriage attempts, he's sworn off looking for Mr Right. Cynic Daniel has always resisted being tied down, but he's definitely not callous and steers clear of his best friend's soon-to-be brother in-law to safeguard Ollie's feelings.

If you've read the other books in the series (and you should) then you pretty much know how things are going to turn out for Ollie and Daniel. As always, the fun is finding out how they get there. We know Ollie from the three books leading up to this one, and if you haven't read them, then you won't really know the kind of ribbing the man has taken from his “friends” over his love life, and so the set up of this story will seem a little thinner than it is.

As we get to know Daniel more in this story, it becomes clear why he wants to help Ollie out. It's not really until the end that we get an idea of why Daniel has the view he does about love. He's been portrayed as a sort of good-time guy in the previous books, but now that we get to know him better, we begin to understand more about the way he is.

You might have thought, with all four partners of the construction company paired up, that we would be at the end of this series, but over the course of the last few books, a couple of new members have been added to the crew, meaning there's at least one more book already announced.

“Screwed” is available from Amazon.

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