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Serving Him

by L.M. Somerton

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Volume 1 of The Retreat

Tags: D/s BDSM

Posted in Book Reviews on December 12, 2018

Although relatively inexperienced, Rowan knows he is a submissive. He has a strong desire to please and his current job at a small English inn doesn’t quite give him the scope to give all he can, or the satisfaction that comes with it. So, when he sees an ad for a job opening at an exclusive BDSM hideaway called “The Retreat” that is effectively for a house sub, he jumps at the chance to apply and is thrilled to get the job. Lorcan has spent the last ten years building up his company in San Francisco, but he’s recently had an epiphany, realizing how much of himself he’s given up to focus on business. Now he’s selling his company for a large fortune and indulging in some quality “me time” at The Retreat. Will Rowan be able to satisfy the demanding Dom?

“Serving Him” is a bit more of a fantasy than normal for this genre, in which perfect Doms meet the perfect sub for them and live happily ever after. The whole idea of The Retreat is pretty outlandish. Coupled with Rowan’s supposed job description, the whole setup is not very believable. This isn’t meant to put you off the book. On the contrary, I found it to be quite the spicy little page-turner. But if you’re looking for kinky true-life romance, this probably will disappoint. You will need to suspend a little disbelief to enjoy this book. The relationship between Rowan and Lorcan moves at light speed, which is a large part of what makes this a story that’s hard to put down. In my case, it was impossible.

The fast pace doesn’t mean the characters are under developed. Rowan has a small circle of family and friends that he keeps in touch with throughout the story, so through these interactions it feels like we get to know him quite well. The situation he finds himself in may seem highly unlikely, but his reactions to them feel quite natural. His determination to please along with his relative innocence of the world makes him a very compelling character.

Lorcan is a bit more of a mystery, since he has cut himself off from the outside world and his former life once since arriving at The Retreat. However, it is clear from the beginning that he harbors a dark secret from his past, which ends up providing the only drama in the otherwise kinky-sweet story line.

We also get to know the other staff of The Retreat to some degree. Since Rowan and Lorcan are unlikely to have significant roles in any future installments of the series, it’s likely that the staff will be the ones providing continuity from one story to the next.

“Serving Him” is available from Amazon.

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