Review - The Job by Cara Dee

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The Job

by Cara Dee

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Volume 4 of Auctioned

Tags: Thriller

Posted in Book Reviews on March 12, 2023

Case has been estranged from his adopted brother Boone for a few years, even though the two share parental responsibilities for the daughter of a friend who passed away. When their cousin Darius calls with a “job” for the two, Case is forced to admit he and Boone need to work together. Working together forces the brothers to face the issues that caused Case to pull away from Boone, but will they be able to sort out their differences?

Although part of the Auctioned series, “The Job” is effectively a stand-alone story. Darius does make a brief appearance, but Case and Boone are intentionally left in the dark about the whole backstory regarding the human trafficking ring. So, you can read this book without having read the previous installments of the series.

It takes a while for the full story to come out regarding why Case had to distance himself from his brother. The basics are clear early on, but the details are revealed bit by bit as the two try to find a way to work together. Almost all of the narration is from Case's point of view, so we can understand his dilemma regarding his feelings for Boone as well as his drive to do right by their daughter. Case is definitely a classic bad boy, more often than not on the wrong side of the law.

We get to know Boone mostly through his interactions with Case, although there are a few passages giving us some idea about what's on his mind. We definitely get a clear picture of a very nice, albeit confused, man. In many ways, the main theme of this story is about Boone coming to terms with his feelings for Case.

There's one other significant character in this book, and that's the adopted daughter of the two brothers, Ace. Like Jayden in the last book, Deserted, Ace is a real hoot and the source of most of the humorous moments. There's no doubt the little girl is the center of Case and Boone's world, and knows it.

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