Review - Settling His Dette by Lilo Quie

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Settling His Dette

by Lilo Quie

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Volume 3 of Empty Nests

Tags: Fantasy Shifters M-preg

Posted in Book Reviews on January 25, 2023

Gabriel seems unable to produce viable eggs, and to the drakes that effectively purchased him, that's all a dette is good for, producing pups. Sacha is the only one of the drakes that seems to care about Gabriel, but even he can't fight it if the current clutch he carries turns out to be blanks. When a doctor tells him that the two eggs are indeed blanks, Gabriel runs away, lays the eggs, disposes of them in a dumpster, and escapes into the wilderness to live among the wild dragons. It turned out the eggs weren't blanks, and one of them developed into the young dette Leo. When the young man is confirmed to be the son of Sacha and Gabriel, the drake sets out to find his dette and bring him home to meet their son and grandchildren.

We met Leo in the first book of the series, Deep in Dette, so you will want to have at least read that one before this installment. In this story, we finally get the story of how Leo ended up as an orphan, unaware that he was a dragon shifter until he met his mate Hallr. Leo still plays a significant role in this book, even though it's mostly about Gabriel and Sacha.

We get most of the story from both Gabriel and Sacha's points of view. Gabriel's hurt seems very real, and the depiction of him as a more or less feral dragon is quite well done. Sacha's determination to do the right thing by his former mate seems quite respectable.

Although this book brings the story of Leo to something of a conclusion, it also introduces a couple of new lines of questions to be taken up in the next installment.

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