Review - High Interest Dette by Lilo Quie

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High Interest Dette

by Lilo Quie

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Volume 5 of Empty Nests

Tags: Fantasy M-preg Shifters Menage

Posted in Book Reviews on September 14, 2023

Bastien helps Leo and Gabriel take care of their large broods of dragon pups. He's very good with children but isn't sure he wants pups of his own. Bastien's heats are so painful that he thinks he may just want to be sterilized. Anyway, to have pups, he would need a drake, and what drake would be interested in a half-breed dette? Stefan and Gaelin have been lovers of a sort for many years. They are deeply in love with each other but still feel the need for a dette to fulfill all their desires. The pair were two of the drakes that made things bad for Leo before he even knew what he was, so they don't have a lot of support when they become interested in Bastien. The young dette is attracted to the two drakes, so his family reluctantly agrees to let Gaelin and Stefan court Bastien, with supervision.

This book was a bit of a pleasant surprise, as I thought this Empty Nests series had come to an end with the last book, where Leo was reunited with his brother as well as the rest of his extended family. Bastien was a minor character in a few of the previous volumes, so now it's time for him to have a chance of his own happily ever after. The cast of characters is now quite large, so you need to have read the preceding books before this one to have a clue who everyone is, even though the focus of this installment is on relatively new characters.

The point of view shifts between the three men from chapter to chapter. Bastien is a sweet young man. He hasn't been through the difficult times for dettes that the older generation has experienced, but he still has his share of issues, yet he has the strength of character to overcome them. He's very shy and vulnerable at first, but nobody, including Bastien, is prepared for how much he needs once his desire is unleashed.

Stefan and Gaelin seem like nice young men, too. They appear to be genuinely sorry for their bad behavior around Leo, and their determination to do right by Bastien is quite admirable. Indeed, they risk everything to ensure their mate is happy, even if that ultimately means losing him.

This latest book breathes new life into the series, even if it may still be at an end. There are a few clues that suggest there may yet be more books, but who knows?

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