Review - Dette to Society by Lilo Quie

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Dette to Society

by Lilo Quie

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Volume 4 of Empty Nests

Tags: Fantasy Shifters M-preg

Posted in Book Reviews on March 5, 2023

Kindly note: This series is very much meant to be read in order. If you haven't yet read the previous book in this series, this review may contain spoilers about some of the events of that story.

Tyler has been held in jail for a week without seeing a judge. He's not sure why he was arrested in the first place since he had nothing to do with the fire at a jewelry store where he was dumpster diving. Fortunately, one of the guards recognizes what Tyler is and calls Powell, a lawyer who knows his way around the legal system for shifters. When Powell meets Tyler, his dragon instantly recognizes his destined mate. Fortunately for him, Tyler's feels the same, because you don't want to get on the wrong side of that young man.

“Dette to Society” brings the somewhat convoluted series about dragon shifters to a close, reuniting Leo with his brother, Tyler. We only learned that Leo had a brother who might still live in the previous book, Settling His Dette. Although he has had a very different upbringing by coyote parents who knew what he was, Tyler is still very much like his brother Leo. He's headstrong, fierce, and not to be underestimated despite his diminutive size.

Powell was one of the drakes that engineered the fire at Leo's flower shop in the first story, a move that ended up putting Leo in Hallr's path. Powell is now a reformed character and determined to do right by Tyler. It's not like the young man will let Powell get away with anything.

This has been a cute series of sweet romances. There's been a feminist theme running through the books, even though they involve male pregnancy. Dettes were highly prized and sought after since they were the only means drakes had to reproduce. Yet the drakes ended up treating dettes as property to be bought and sold, with no regard for their happiness. But unhappy dettes don't produce viable eggs, so the dragons fell into a severe decline. This final volume seems to set up a couple of situations where that point could be driven home, but it never quite gets there.

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