Review - Genie in a Vodka Bottle by Rob Rosen

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Genie in a Vodka Bottle

by Rob Rosen

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Tags: Fantasy Humor

Posted in Book Reviews on December 5, 2021

Paul is on his way to Spain, on a vacation he booked with his now ex-boyfriend and forgot to cancel. Through a series of seemingly random encounters, Paul ends up in Gibraltar and then Morocco, where a bartender insists on serving him a bottle of vodka, which just happens to hold a genie. Once the magical being is released, the fun really begins, taking Paul, the genie, and even Paul's ex on a ride around the world and back in time.

With this author, you know you're going to get some really funny lines, and some imaginative stories based on classic tales. This time he takes on Aladdin and the magic lamp. Paul plays our Aladdin in this story, and of course the plot revolves around his three wishes. Only, in this telling, there's more between Paul and Genie than just master and magical servant.

We get a good picture of Paul as an average guy finding himself in extraordinary circumstances. He is a quite relatable character person, and you'll probably find yourself fantasizing about what you might do in Paul's place. You get the feeling that Paul probably is far from perfect, but at his core, he's a nice guy.

The other main character is, of course, Genie. He is depicted with a lot more depth than in most version of the 1,001 nights tale. The author has come up with a rather convincing backstory to why the magical being is effectively enslaved inside the lamp, or vodka bottle, as the case may be.

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