Review - Skim Blood & Savage Verse by Angel Martinez

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Skim Blood & Savage Verse

by Angel Martinez

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Volume 3 of Offbeat Crimes

Tags: Humor Fantasy

Posted in Book Reviews on May 23, 2017

The latest installment of the Offbeat Crimes series switches the focus from Kyle and Kash to the squad’s dysfunctional vampire Carrington. ‘Carr’ has a history of rather unfortunate choices in boyfriends, which in large part is how he got to be a vampire that can’t stomach whole human blood. In his latest case, Carr learns that words can hurt you, at least when they take physical form and are hurled at you with great force by possessed books.

Carrington is definitely an intriguing character. He’s definitely not your typical vampire found in fiction, although he has to deal with everyone else assuming that he is. We don’t quite find out as much about him as we might like, but he still comes across as a very believable person, at least within the fantasy that the story sets up.

The case of the demonic books strikes close to home, literally and figuratively, for Carrington. It also brings him into contact with two men that are interested in him, one a stunning young entrepreneur all to typical of the type Carr usually falls for, and the other a cute yet geeky librarian. The juxtaposition of two potential love interests is, in itself, a pleasant departure from the typical plot of most books with a romantic plot, or sub-plot.

The author has already submitted the next installment of the series, so we’ll soon be treated to more adventures of the offbeat officers of the 77th precinct.

“Skim Blood & Savage Verse” is available from Amazon.

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