Review - Brimstone: Demon Owned and Operated

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Brimstone: Demon Owned and Operated

by Angel Martinez

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Volume 1 of Brimstone

Tags: Fantasy Science Fiction

Posted in Book Reviews on September 23, 2014

Shax, the demon Prince of Thieves, had a bit of a falling out with Lucifer, so now he, along with his best friend and partner in crime Verrin, Lord of Impatience, have left earth to seek their fortunes among the stars. They’ve acquired a cargo ship, appropriately named Brimstone, which Shax captains and Verrin pilots. They’ll take almost any job, even, or perhaps especially, legally questionable ones.

This omnibus edition of three stories recounts several of the pair’s escapades. Along the way, they pick up an angel, a cowboy from earth’s past, and assorted other creatures, some of whom join the crew.

Demons, angels and space opera may seem an odd combination, but it works in this book quite well, thanks mainly to the very tongue-in-cheek tone of the stories. These aren’t meant to be taken too seriously, and if you go into them with that in mind, they make for some very enjoyable reading.

That said, “Brimstone” does manage some quite sweet romantic moments between Shax and his angel Ness, or Verrin and the cowboy ‘Corny’. Things even get a bit kinky at times, and yet this mish-mash actually works quite well, delivering some real laugh-out-loud situations alongside some tender moments, and even a bit of action here and there.

Despite the almost over-the-top situations, the characters themselves are almost surprisingly multi-dimensional and engaging, once you get past the horns and wings.

“Brimstone: Demon Owned and Operated” is available from Smashwords and Amazon.

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