Review - The Alien Infiltrator by Eryn Ivers

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The Alien Infiltrator

by Eryn Ivers

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Volume 3 of Interspecies Alliances

Tags: Science Fiction

Posted in Book Reviews on February 15, 2023

Sebastian is the nearly perfect spy. He's a torvar, a symbiotic (or parasitic, according to some) worm-like creature that can take over humanoid bodies. He can infiltrate the enemy and wreak havoc. This makes him one of the resistance's most potent weapons. That doesn't seem to prevent some of the fighters from hating Sebastian for what he is, and that apparently includes their leader, Leon Hess. Leon doesn't really hate Sebastian. Quite the contrary. He's drawn to the man no matter what body he's wearing, but Leon has responsibilities and fears the distraction of giving in to his feelings could put people's lives at risk.

This third book of the Interspecies Alliances series is perhaps the most compelling. The first two books set the groundwork for this one, but you don't necessarily have to have read them before picking up this story. The two main characters from the second volume appear in this one, but only in relatively minor roles.

Sebastian is a fascinating character. Given that he can occupy any humanoid body, I had to wonder early on what it was that Leon was attracted to. After a bit of misdirection, it soon becomes clear that no matter what body he's in, Sebastian has certain mannerisms, not to mention a strong personality, that Leon and his friends recognize almost instantly. Despite his alien nature, Sebastian comes across as very human, with many of the same needs.

Leon is a hard man to like at first. He's a hard man, period. Hess treats Sebastian badly to keep him at a distance, but at least Leon is self-aware enough to know it. He is definitely a man with a lot on his mind. In many ways, this story is about both men coming to terms with their needs and desires.

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