Review - Jocks for Sale Parts 4 - 7 by Josh Hunter

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Jocks for Sale (4 - 7)

by Josh Hunter

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Volume 4 of Jocks for Sale

Tags: Erotica Non Consensual Serial

Posted in Book Reviews on August 17, 2022

“Jocks For Sale” is an erotic fantasy containing non-consensual sex and violence. It is offered in serialized form as (currently 12) connected installments. I'm reviewing it in batches, so there's a more coherent picture of the entire story.

College lacrosse jock Connor's transformation into sex slave Cody is nearly complete as Part 4 starts. Between the drugs, shocks, and sexual abuse, he's almost given up. But then he sees an opportunity to overpower his trainer Nick and takes it. He soon finds out that there's no escaping the island and that the penalty for even trying is worse than he can imagine.

Connor is almost forgotten as he entirely becomes Cody, the sex slave in Part 5. Having learned that a fate worse than death awaits him if he continues to act out, Cody becomes compliant, up to a point. Like any good sex worker, he learns to give the customer what they want. If they want him to resist a little, he doesn't have to act to give them that. Showing fear is also very easy. Cody soon becomes very popular among the guests on the island, earning him rewards that reinforce his compliance.

It's the day of the big auction, and Cody has been given a huge incentive to bring in top dollar for his body in Part 6. The young man isn't the brightest spark, to begin with. The drugs they have him hooked on mess with his head, but he still manages to generate interest among the buyers, even though the competition is fierce with the other slaves. He even manages to devise a scheme to get Jake and him purchased together.

The auction may be over, but Cody still doesn't know who his new owner is as Part 7 opens. The news comes as a shock and means he won't be going anywhere for a while. In the meantime, he needs to keep the boss happy to prevent the man from following through on his threats.

These middle installments of the series keep up the highly charged sexual nature of the stories, with just enough variety added to keep them from getting stale. In books like these, you don't expect much plot, but there are enough twists and turns to keep things interesting without venturing into eye-rolling incredulity. The story line also does a very good job of depicting Connor the jock's progress to being Cody the sex slave. It's a journey of small steps as the young man gives up just a little bit of himself at a time while he fights to stay alive and avoid the retribution that comes from rebellion.

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