Review - The Uncanny Adventures of Adam Honey by Lex Baker

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The Uncanny Adventures of Adam Honey

by Lex Baker

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Tags: Science Fiction M-preg Paranormal

Posted in Book Reviews on September 12, 2023

Adam Honey is orphaned on his sixth birthday. He is sent to an orphanage where another boy, DJ, claims to have known him “forever.” The two become friends and grow up largely insulated from the problems of the outside world, where environmental disasters signal a dying planet. On coming of age, Adam and DJ leave the orphanage to make their way in the world. The pair become lovers. Adam becomes a policeman, and DJ a professor. But there's more going on in the world than simply the breakdown of technology and environmental disasters. An ancient evil is escaping its prison, and Adam seems to be the person destined to stop it.

There's a lot going on in this story, which spans more than 30 years. “The Uncanny Adventures of Adam Honey” is set in an alternate timeline where the world is dominated by a few superpowers and even closer to environmental catastrophe than our current reality. It paints quite a vivid picture of a civilization in decline. Despite the many hardships portrayed, it might be a bit on the rosy side.

The story is related mostly from Adam's point of view, although there are occasional snippets of “news” stories and a few chapters from other points of view. Adam is a rather odd child when we first meet him. His well-to-do parents had kept him isolated from the world and fostered a maturity in him beyond his young age. Adam is able to enjoy a much more normal boyhood at the orphanage, but he still maintains a certainty about his life that is unusual.

There's an interesting take on the fated lovers trope in this story. DJ (later called Derek without much explanation) is convinced that he and Adam are meant to be together, and have been a couple over many lifetimes. Adam does not remember any past lives, but he is still drawn to DJ, despite the occasional differences that most couples face. The ending manages to tie up this plot line, as well as all the others, quite nicely. Despite the many sub-plots, it all comes together rather well.

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