Review - Sparks in the Dark by James Siewert

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Sparks in the Dark

by James Siewert

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Volume 1 of Buzz & Cutter

Tags: Science Fiction Space Opera

Posted in Book Reviews on May 24, 2023

“Buzz” is an ex-space marine who now works private security gigs for the human-centered coalition of allied planets. Thomas Cutter is an engineer with a reputation for getting difficult jobs done. “Cutter” also isn't exactly what he appears to be. Buzz is enjoying a little R&R after a recent job when he meets Cutter, and the sparks fly between the two. Both end up working on a salvage mission together. It's a commission that seems almost too good to be true, and that definitely turns out to be the case.

This is the start of a new series of more or less stand-alone stories recounting the adventures of Buzz and Cutter. Based on this book and the other unfinished series, the author certainly knows how to write action-packed romances. If you have read the Oarthecan Star Saga books, then you'll be familiar with the far future universe in which the story is set.

The storytelling alternates between Buzz and Cutter's points of view in each chapter, so we get to know quite a bit about how each of them thinks. Cutter is definitely the character that will be interesting to watch, at least for me. The author sets up the expectation that Buzz won't react well when he finds out Cutter's secret. Will the growing bond between the two be strong enough to overcome the surprise? We'll just have to wait for the next episode to see if it comes out.

Unlike Cutter, Buzz doesn't seem to have any secrets. He is very much a what you see is what you get kind of guy. Although, Cutter soon finds out that ”professional“ Buzz and “friend” Buzz can be very different people. It will definitely be interesting to see what these two men get up to in future installments.

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