Review - Something Wicked by Eden Winters

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Something Wicked

by Eden Winters

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Tags: Fantasy

Posted in Book Reviews on February 12, 2023

Once upon a time, in the magical realm where fairies, elves, ogres, and others once lived in peace alongside humans, a powerful sorceress emerged. Never content with what she had, the woman sought even more power by stealing it from others, killing them in the process. The sorceress served a king whose castle was built on an ancient wellspring of magic, but in truth, she only served herself. She bore a son not out of love but as a tool to further her plans for more power. Realizing the threat she poses, the great king of the realm organizes an attack on the castle. Fearing for her life, the sorceress hides some of her magic in her baby and gives him to a guard to keep safe. The baby and his guardian are transported to the human realm, where he grows up to become Piers.

Prince Wycke is orphaned when the castle he was born in is stormed by troops seeking to get rid of the evil sorceress. He is raised by his sister in the great king's palace, where Wycke is essentially a prisoner. Yet, he delights in causing trouble, earning himself the nickname “Wicked.” One day, Wycke's sister asks him to travel to the human realm and seek out the long-lost child and the guard sent to take care of him. When Wycke and Piers meet, the sparks fly, quite literally.

As you can probably tell, “Something Wicked” is a very modern fairy tale written with the author's trademark comedic style. It all revolves around Piers and Wycke, although there are a lot of other characters in the mix, including a familiar that generally takes the form of a black cat. Chynne is obviously modeled on Salem from the Sabrina television series, although not as G-rated. Piers also has a best friend, Jess, who he grew up with, just as Wycke has his sister Saris.

The point of view switches between Piers and Wycke, so we get to know each of them quite well. Piers is surprisingly undamaged by his years growing up with the 'uncle' who guarded him and then in foster care. It helps that he's always had a certain amount of what seems like luck to the young man. While not exactly completely innocent, he is still wholly unprepared for the world that Wycke introduces him to.

Wycke is definitely the bad boy you can't help but love. In at least some ways, he's the opposite of Piers. Where the slightly younger Piers has avoided relationships and rarely even spent the night with another, Wycke's “Wicked” reputation is based on his habit of bedding anyone and everyone who caught his attention. It's a sort of opposites-attract romance, but there's enough common ground between the two young men that it's not too big a stretch to believe they will be good together.

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