Review - Regi's Goddess by Lyn Gala

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Regi’s Goddess

by Lyn Gala

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Volume 2 of Gods of Misfortune

Tags: Science Fiction Fantasy

Posted in Book Reviews on February 8, 2023

Regi continues to wrestle with the idea that he has been "noticed" by one of the many gods his people believe in. What's more, he thinks the human Dante has been favored by the same goddess, and that's something that the xenophobic Kowri would never accept. Navigating the complex politics of his people's religious leaders to keep Dante and the rest of his Coalition crewmates safe proves to be quite challenging.

The adventures of Regi and Dante continue in this sequel to Regi's Huuman. You definitely need to have read that first book before taking on this one. Many of the characters from the previous story make an appearance in this one, in addition to a few new personalities.

We get to know Dante and Regi a lot more in this story. Dante, in particular, becomes much more fleshed out as a man with a difficult childhood that has prepared him to some degree for the trials he faces after getting kidnapped by alien pirates. The pantheon of gods the Kowri believe in is reminiscent of Greek mythology, and the story does quite a good job of convincing you that Regi's goddess might actually be real.

This is a somewhat curious story. It's colorfully told with a good mixture of action, intrigue, and interesting characters, but it doesn't really go anywhere. Dante and Regi remain ‘just friends,’ although you could interpret the ending as suggesting they might be heading toward becoming more than that. The fate of Regi's friends from the Coalition is also left up in the air. It's possible that there might be more books in the series, but none are mentioned. It all means that the ending is less than satisfactory.

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