Review - Raphael's Return by C.J. Dragon

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Raphael's Return

by C.J. Dragon

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Volume 3 of Archangel

Tags: Science Fiction

Posted in Book Reviews on March 29, 2023

It has been nearly a year since Lord Teo left his mate Raphael at the Mars colony. They both agreed that some time apart would be good. It would allow them to come to terms with the many changes the human Raphael's presence has wrought on Teo and the crew of his Chi'NoSa ship. It has been a difficult time for Raphael. Their mental link allows them to know that each other is healthy, but Raphael misses his lover's touch. The young man also underestimated how much his time with the Chi'NoSa had changed him. His empathic abilities are even more powerful than before he left. Now some of the colonists avoid him, afraid of what he might 'see.' Just as he is about to collect his husband, Lord Teo receives a summons back to the homeworld. The task that awaits them there is yet another challenge to their relationship.

In this third and final book of the Archangel series, Raphael is reunited with his Chi'NoSa husband, Lord Teo, and the pair go on yet another challenging adventure. This time, things are a little different, as it's mostly Teo that has to deal with the worst of the situation that he faces. Raphael just needs to figure out how to help his lover come to terms with the aftermath.

Raphael's character remains strongly consistent with the person we've come to know in the first two books. If anything, his time back on the Mars colony strengthens his conviction that his place is with his husband, Teo. Raphael is almost impossible not to like, even if he does seem a bit too nice to be real.

Teo is the person most changed by his relationship with Raphael. In the previous book, the Chi'NoSa Lord resigned himself to the changes that Raphael's presence started. However, he still has to guard himself since other lords would not understand or accept the need to change. The separation from his mate was hard on him as well, and has confirmed the love he feels for his strange human.

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