Review - The Prince's Frog by Eden Winters

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The Prince's Frog

by Eden Winters

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Tags: Fairy Tales Novella Humor

Posted in Book Reviews on March 19, 2023

Prince Bob - his full name is one of the reasons this is a novella and not a short story - has a problem. His parents want to marry him off to the princess of a neighboring kingdom. Bob dislikes the demanding young woman. Actually, everybody does, but they're too afraid to say so. To make matters worse, Bob doesn't really like women. He would much prefer the company of the blacksmith, or the jousting team. In an effort to escape the madness for at least a little while, Bob leaves the castle and finds himself in the swamp, where he finds a frog. A talking frog who might just be able to help Prince Bob with his problem.

“The Prince’s Frog” is a very funny, very gay, retelling of a classic fairy tale. While the story may be a familiar one, the author still manages to make it fresh, as well as injecting a lot of contemporary satire.

Prince Bob is a perfect caricature of a modern fashion queen. As we get to know him, we realize he's not really a bad person, although he is a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Bob's potential rescuer, the enchanted frog Sir Ribbit, is definitely the brains of the outfit. Together with his down-and-out fairy godmother, the frog ends up being the hero of the story.

This is definitely a fun short read that makes a nice diversion.

“The Prince’s Frog” is available from Amazon.