Review - Mind Controlling the Haughty Mage by Adara Wolf & R. Phoenix

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Mind Controlling the Haughty Mage

by Adara Wolf, R. Phoenix

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Volume 1 of The Mages of Corentin

Tags: Non Consensual Fantasy Short

Posted in Book Reviews on June 4, 2023

Content warning: The book in this review contains non-consensual sex.

Drake is rich, titled, and entitled. He doesn't like mixing with people he considers beneath him. When he spots Remy Chalet entering his exclusive club, Drake can tell the man is not in his class and can't help but make every attempt to embarrass him. Little does he know that Chalet specializes in a particularly powerful form of magic. When Drake again attempts to cause trouble for Chalet and the Lord who invited him, he gets a full taste of Chalet's talent.

Like Mind Controlling the Twins, this short story features magical mind control to make someone want and do things they claim to find repugnant. The primary thing the victims are forced to do is, of course, have sex with another man. It is arguable, perhaps, how much Drake is forced to give himself to Chalet, and how much of it is simply that his ability to resist his own inclinations is removed.

We don't really get to know Drake; other than he seems to be a narcissist obsessed with what he imagines his position and power to be. We know even less about Remy Chalet and what drives him. There's not much world-building in this book, either. You would have to have read other books by one or both of these authors to get a feel for the fantasy world where magic is commonplace in which the story is set.

Although part of a series, you won't be missing much if you skip books in the set. They feature some of the same characters, but are stand-alone stories.

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