Review - Dearest Milton James by N.R. Walker

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Dearest Milton James

by N.R. Walker

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Volume 1 of Dearest Milton James

Tags: Contemporary Australia

Posted in Book Reviews on October 18, 2022

Malachi is a fun-loving young gay man with a sunny outlook on life. The only blemish on his fabulous life is work. His inability to keep a job is driving his father crazy. Dad has arranged one last chance. He's arranged for Malachi to work at the “dead letter” warehouse. Things are not looking good, even less so when the young man meets his new boss, Julian. The slightly older man who always dresses in shades of brown seems the definition of dull. Yet, as Malachi gets to know Julian and his colleagues, he starts to find hidden depths, and a mystery.

“Dearest Milton James” is a very sweet romance of the not-quite-opposites attract kind. The relationship between Julian and Malachi develops very quickly, but in a rather pleasant change of pace, both the characters readily admit this and talk about it. The ‘mystery’ of the undeliverable letters addressed to Dearest Milton James really just serves to bring the two men together, but it's still a well-constructed plot line.

The story is related entirely from Malachi's point of view. He's a character it's almost impossible not to like. Most of the many laughs in the story come from the man's total lack of filter. He ends up saying things he shouldn't. He is silly but entirely believable.

Julian is also a very relatable character. In addition, all of Malachi's coworkers are described in enough detail to make them fully three-dimensional characters.

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