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by N.R. Walker

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Tags: Contemporary Australia

Posted in Book Reviews on June 5, 2022

When academic researcher Fergus lands in a remote mining camp in the far reaches of Western Australia, he's expecting a change of scenery, but he's totally unprepared for the extreme conditions of the desert, as well as the quirky collection of permanent residents that call the town home. The biggest surprise of all is Davo. The muscular mechanical supervisor has a sunny disposition with a totally disarming smile, and likes to wear skirts. And, nobody bats an eye. Fergus is instantly attracted to the man, and the feeling is mutual. The two quickly form an intimate relationship, but both know there's a time limit on it, since Fergus is only there for a few weeks to interview people before flying back to Sydney.

“Davo” is a very sweet and slightly quirky contemporary romance. The basic premise, of Fergus wanting to get away from the city to recover from a bad breakup, is a bit of a cliché, but then bad breakups are probably something everyone can relate to.

The story is told entirely from Fergus' point of view. He seems like a nice man, with a very generous spirit. His profession seems to suit him quite well. He seems to be quite comfortable around people, most of whom he is able to put at their ease. It's interesting to observe him as he becomes more involved with Davo, and what he thinks is a short-term fling turns into something more.

Davo is painted as a man it's hard not to like. He seems to be one of those people who is rarely down for long. The way he takes joy from the everyday scenery around him makes him quite inspirational. The penchant for skirts is an interesting quirk, and like Fergus, I think it's something that makes him even more attractive.

To be honest, there's not a lot to this story. The main dramatic driver is Fergus' work and the question of what will happen when his temporary assignment is up. The author sets up enough doubt about what might happen to make you wonder, but there's not much doubt about Fergus and Davo having a future. That said, this is a really fun read, even if it won't stick with you for long.

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