Review - The Aliens' Mate by Delaney Rain

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The Aliens' Mate

by Delaney Rain

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Tags: Science Fiction Erotica Kidnapped by Aliens

Posted in Book Reviews on April 17, 2022

Lucian, “Luc”, is kidnapped by aliens along with three earth women. They are held captive on a space ship along with two other aliens, who seem to be attracted to Luc, even though he can't understand anything they say. When an opportunity to escape presents itself, the aliens prove quite useful in freeing Luc and the other humans, and getting them off the ship. They all survive a crash landing on a nearby planet, and Luc gets attracted to them more and more. It's only a matter of time before he gives into his curiosity about what might happen with the aliens, but is it just sex, or something more?

“The Aliens' Mate” is a sexy and ever-so-slightly silly kidnapped-by-aliens tale. Luc is a very likeable character, even if he is probably painted as a rather cliché young gay man; flirty and perhaps a little slutty, without much in the way of survival skills. He is not, however, without a healthy amount of self-awareness. Luc doesn't enter into relationships lightly, and frequently expresses his doubts about where things with the two aliens will lead.

We only get to know the two aliens through Luc's impression of them. For most of the story, their thoughts and feelings are unknown, since Luc can't communicate with them. Still, the conclusions he draws about them prove to be fairly accurate. We get to know the three women a bit better over the course of the story. ALthough supporting characters, they're still very well defined, each with their own distinct personalities, that provide some of the drama to the tale.

The book doesn't spend a lot of time world-building, but we still get a good picture of the possible universe in which it takes place.

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