Review - Runes, Ruin & Redemption by Maz Maddox

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Runes, Ruin & Redemption

by Maz Maddox

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Volume 5 of Stallion Ridge

Tags: Western Fantasy Shifters Menage

Posted in Book Reviews on June 14, 2021

Town doctor Elliot has left Stallion Ridge along with Lucas to search for Sebastian, their friend who fled the town after a drunken run-in with sheriff Cal. They do manage to find him, but Seb has gotten involved with a group of swamp dwellers who need his help, and there are some vigilantes hot on his trail looking for retribution over his war activities. The three, and a few friends they picked up along the way, will have to work together to get Sebastian back to Stallion Ridge.

This fifth book of the Stallion Ridge series takes a significant turn from the stories told in the previous volumes. For one, almost all of the action takes place outside of the town of Stallion Ridge. This story also explores the possibility of a amorous relationship that involves more than two people. Elliot is definitely attracted to Lucas, as well as having a soft spot for Seb, but he doesn't want to intrude on the relationship the two have with each other.

Elliot has been a constant secondary character throughout the series. He is mostly portrayed as a very nice guy, although in Suspects & Scales we find out that the doctor has secrets he has kept from even his closest friends in town. He's nursed the volatile Sebastian through more than one of his benders, but he has also grown quite fond of the enforcer despite his demons. In this book we get to know a lot more about his background, making him an even rounder character that we can really sympathize with.

Sebastian appeared in the first few books where he mostly played the role of town drunk, albeit one with a past he was trying to drown in alcohol. Together with the discussion of “the war” in the previous book, Rocks & Railways, this story gives us more insight into those demons that haunt Sebastian. We also find out more about the history between Lucas and Sebastian.

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