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by A.C. Thomas

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Volume 2 of The Verge

Tags: Science Fiction Steampunk

Posted in Book Reviews on August 15, 2021

Doctor Theophrastus ‘Theo’ Campbell is a linguist from the Core world of Britannia. He's considered brilliant, by those who haven't met him, with a knowledge of many of the nearly extinct old Earth languages of far-flung humanity. Theo is the twin brother of Ari, from the first book in this series, Restricted, but while the two may be identical in appearance, their personalities are an entire universe apart. Where Ari was very introverted, Theo is extremely extroverted and hyperactive, seemingly incapable of being quiet or still for very long. Theo is working in his office one night when a mysterious stranger confronts him, and effectively kidnaps the young professor. Suffice it to say that Theo is nothing like Captain Jun Park expected, although he might just be everything Jun wants.

You could be forgiven for thinking that these first two books of The Verge series have been published out of order. After all, why tell the story of a rescue attempt before the actual kidnapping? However, it all makes more sense once you've read both books. This book gives us more information about why Theo was kidnapped and what Jun is trying to accomplish with Theo's help.

Another reason for the story order might be to keep Theo under wraps. The young man might be a little too much to handle in one book on top of the world building that naturally had to take place in the first volume. Theo's personality definitely makes this story one of the funniest reads I've had for a while. Theo's almost hyperactive personality may be a little over the top, but it's not entirely unbelievable, and it's so much fun you want to believe someone so outlandish could really exist.

Theo's reluctant kidnapper, Captain Jun Park, is the complete opposite personality-wise. Stoic, perhaps a bit too tightly wound, and with positively heroic determination to do the right thing, Jun is a rather common anti-hero type. As with most stories of this type, you know that Jun and Theo are going to get together, no matter how far apart they appear to be. It's all just a question of how it happens, and enjoying the fun of them getting on each other's nerves in the process.

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