Review - The Prince's Fate by Caroline Gibson

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The Prince's Fate

by Caroline Gibson

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Volume 2 of Thrall Prince

Tags: Science Fiction M-Preg BDSM

Posted in Book Reviews on November 16, 2020

David and Vell are happily living together in a loving relationship. David is aware that there are still some things about Vell’s past that he still hasn’t told David about, but still hopes the prince will open up in time. It turns out that one of Vell’s secrets is that he’s a rare intersex mutation of his species. That’s a fact he’s forced to reveal when he has to tell David he’s pregnant. After the initial shock, David is thrilled, but Vell’s condition puts both of them in greater danger, from Vell’s parents most of all.

This sequel to Prince for Sale picks up right where the previous book left off, with Vell free from the slave collar, able to go where he pleases, but choosing to stay with David. It’s clear there are some issues between the two due to Vell’s secretiveness, but by the end of the book the reasons for Vell’s trust issues become all too clear.

Over the course of this story, David is again faced with several moral dilemmas. You’ll no doubt be wondering what you would do when faced with such choices in David’s situation. How far would you go or what would you sacrifice to save a loved one or a child? It’s hard to say I would be as strong as David is when faced with such tough decisions.

Once again, the story isn’t as heavy as it sounds. There’s not as much humor this time around, but there are moments of kinky scenes between David and Vell to lighten things up. The scenes are essentially consensual so I have no qualms about tagging this as a BDSM story, and they help to drive home how much David cares for Vell, and how much Vell needs someone like David in his life.

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