Review - Lock Nut by J.L. Merrow

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Lock Nut

by J.L. Merrow

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Volume 5 of The Plumber's Mate

Tags: Mystery

Posted in Book Reviews on January 22, 2019

Psychic plumber Tom and private investigator Phil should be busy planning their big gay wedding, but a friend of a friend asks for their help finding her husband who disappeared a few weeks before. Then things get complicated, as they always do, when the pair find the missing man, and then he turns up dead.

This fifth and presumably final book in the Plumber’s Mate series delivers another intriguing mystery along with the conclusion to the story arc of Tom and Phil, two very different men who somehow work well together, most of the time  some of the time  manage not to kill each other. The solution to the murders has a bit of a different twist to it this time. It’s not one of those resolutions that comes so completely out of the blue as to have you crying foul, but it will probably keep you guessing right up to the end.

We know these two main characters so well by now that the most remarkable thing, as I mentioned in my review of the previous book, is how consistently they’re portrayed. It will be sad if there really are no more books in the series. Perhaps there will be a sequel series starting with Tom and Phil’s honeymoon. One can easily imagine the headline: “Vacationing gay couple find missing heiress' car in the ocean off the Amalfi Coast. Was it suicide or murder?”

It’s not just the two main characters that have made this series such an enjoyable read. Tom and Phil are surrounded by a rich cast of often quirky secondary characters. Even the requisite local police inspector is not your standard-issue put-upon plod. He’s a real person, with a private life and everything.

“Lock Nut” is available from Amazon.

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