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Pressure Head

by J.L. Merrow

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Volume 1 of The Plumber's Mate

Tags: Mystery Contemporary

Posted in Book Reviews on May 29, 2018

Tom’s life took a sharp turn at the age of 17 when he was hit by a car while running away from bullies. Rather than pursue a high flying career in law or medicine like his siblings, Tom settles for a quiet life as a plumber in the town of St Albans, where he occasionally puts his ability to “find things” to use helping the local police. He thinks he has made peace with what happened to him, until, that is, he meets up with one of the bullies who chased him, who also happened to be Tom’s first crush.

“Pressure Head” is a rather well crafted mystery mixed with a tad of the paranormal, wrapped up in an offbeat romance. This story is a far cry from your typical love-at-first-sight romance. The reappearance of Phil, the man Tom holds responsible for the accident that left him with a slight limp, dredges up all those memories. Yet his former school crush still exerts a pull on Tom, and it’s hard to completely shut Paul out. Watching the two spar and dance around each other definitely adds an interesting angle to the mystery.

The story is told from Tom’s point of view, and we get to know him quite well. He’s a likable if quirky individual and far from perfect. Even seen through Tom’s eyes, Phil is a complex individual. By the end we learn that there are two sides to every story, yet you get the feeling there’s still a lot more to learn about Phil’s path through life which led him back to Tom. Of course, this is the start of a series of mysteries, so I’m sure we get to know more about both men over the course of the next books.

The mystery itself is well constructed, such that you probably won’t figure out who did it until the guys do. Everything builds slow and steady towards a classic and very dramatic murder mystery ending when all is revealed. I’ll definitely be reading the next installment of the series sooner rather than later.

“Pressure Head” is available from Amazon.

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