Review - Forever Nine by Kris T. Bethke

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Forever Nine

by Kris T. Bethke

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Tags: D/s BDSM

Posted in Book Reviews on August 6, 2019

Jesse is the youngest of nine children, and even though he’s in his late twenties, his family still treats him like a baby. They even insist on calling him “Nine” instead of using his proper name, no matter how many times he tells them he doesn’t like it. What Jesse really likes is his neighbor Holden. He’d like nothing more than to submit to the obvious Dom, but Holden doesn’t think Jesse is serious and so the two remain friends. When Jesse has to have emergency surgery, rather than deal with his family he calls Holden, and that sets in motion a chance for Holden to know how serious Jesse is.

“Forever Nine” is a tightly written short novella of less than 100 printed pages. It wastes no time with preliminary introductions and starts right out at the fateful moment when Jesse decides to call Holden rather than someone in his family to pick him up after surgery. We get to know both men along the way. The story is told entirely from Jesse’s point of view, and we get to know him quite well. He’s a very likable character, and chances are anyone with siblings will relate to him easily.

We get to know Holden through Jesse’s interaction with him, so he is perhaps a little more of a mystery. He is very much the almost cliché “perfect Dom” that features in so many D/s stories. It’s a stereotype that works well for this story, and for a shorter work it makes it easy to understand the character without really knowing his background.

There isn’t really a big dramatic turn in this book, but with it’s short length it’s not missed. The writting is tight and flows smoothly without cutting any corners.

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