Review - Abaddon's Locusts by Don Travis

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Abaddon's Locusts

by Don Travis

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Volume 5 of BJ Vinson Mystery

Tags: Mystery

Posted in Book Reviews on April 3, 2019

Jasper “Jazz” Penrod is a highly attractive young man that helped BJ out in The Bisti Business. When Jazz’s brother Henry shows up on BJ’s doorstep to tell him the young man is missing, it plunges BJ into the nasty business of human sex trafficking and the privileged world of the super rich. It’s definitely a race against time to find Jazz before he is either shipped out of the country or disposed of when he’s no longer attractive to those holding him.

“Abaddon’s Locusts” has all the classic elements we’ve come to expect from this series. Like the previous book, Lovely Pines, there’s a little less of a traveloge element, but there are still a lot of suspects, unclear motives, and a meticulous recounting of the work that goes into an investigation. However, there’s a slightly different feel to this installment. Part of this is the use of a fairly well defined and likable character from a previous book, which gives you a little more interest that usual in seeing a happy ending for him. This is especially concerning since it’s not unusual for the person BJ is looking for to turn up dead. Add to that the urgency to find Jazz before he is either sold off to someone in a foreign country, or simply killed because he’s a risk to those holding him.

In another departure from previous books in the series, we get a lot of the story from Jazz’s point of view. This gives us even more reason to wish for a happy ending and gives us more insight into how someone can get trapped into the modern slave trade. I’m thankfully in no position to judge if the facts are well represented, but Jazz’s story rings true.

BJ’s character remains consistent with all we’ve come to know about him. He is a truly heroic figure, determined to do the right thing. His boyfriend Paul plays an even bigger role in this story. Of all the continuing characters of the series, Paul seems like the one I wish we knew more about. The other secondary characters, like BJ’s secretary Hazel and police Lieutenant Gene, conform to comfortable stereotypes, so it feels like we know them even if we don’t have too many details about them.

“Abaddon’s Locusts” is available from Amazon.

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