Review - The Bisti Business by Don Travis

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The Bisti Business

by Don Travis

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Volume 2 of BJ Vinson Mystery

Tags: Mystery Private Eyes

Posted in Book Reviews on October 10, 2017

Private investigator BJ Vinson from “The Zozobra Incident” is back with another case. This time, BJ is hired by a rich, and rather homophobic, California wine maker who wants him to find his son, and his boyfriend. The two lost contact while on a vacation in New Mexico. Did something happen to them, or is the son just avoiding his disapproving father?

This second outing for BJ Vinson lives up to the first. There’s the same gritty step by step narrative, along with descriptions of places around New Mexico that may have you planning your next vacation there. Most importantly, there’s a delicious mystery that unfolds bit by bit and once again has BJ wondering who he can trust.

There are a number of colorful new characters that BJ encounters in this outing, including one that could tempt him to cheat on his boyfriend Paul, whom BJ met, and rescued from kidnappers, in the first book. Paul doesn’t actually appear much in this story, as most of the action takes place in the Four Corners region of northwest New Mexico.

As the second book in a series, “The Bisti Business” holds up quite well. All the essential elements that made the first story so engrossing are there, with a fresh new mystery and more interesting characters. If you liked the first book in this series, then it’s a good bet you’ll enjoy this one.

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