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by Shaw Montgomery

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Volume 1 of The Weight of a Word

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Posted in Book Reviews on November 7, 2018

Scott and Ryan have been friends since their days on their high school football team, and roommates since college. They’re both out but they have desires they haven’t shared with each other. That, and people’s preconceived ideas about what muscled jocks should be like in bed have kept both men from finding serious partners. Then they meet Dare, a “twink” who nonetheless seems to know exactly what both men need, and is ready to give it to them, if he can just get them to talk to each other.

“Us” takes some very common notions — such as doms are always tops and jocks are always doms — and turns them completely around. I’m hard-pressed to think of another story that portrays this kind of kinky relationship, but it’s entirely believable once you think about it. The other, and perhaps even more interesting, unusual aspect of this book is the amount of dialog. There’s a lot of talking that goes on as Dare tries to get Scott and Ryan to open up about what they want. They are very erotically charged discussions, so it doesn’t bog down the pace in the least. It’s just another aspect of the plot that sets it apart from other books that just pay lip service to communication.

The point of view alternates between the three main characters, so we get to know each of them rather well. Scott and Ryan are easy to identify with. Their situation, dealing with other peoples’ expectations, is one most people can probably relate too. Dare, like most Dominants in D/s stories, seems a little too good to be true. He’s exactly what Scott and Ryan need.

This is the first book in a series, and it’s Dare’s role in the relationship that will be the interesting part to watch. He is the essential catalyst to bring Ryan and Scott together, but you have to wonder if the two will really need him as they gain confidence in their ability to share their needs with each other.

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