Review - Rising Beauty by Meraki P. Lyhne

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Rising Beauty

by Meraki P. Lyhne

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Volume 3 of The Cubi

Tags: Erotica Menage Fantasy

Posted in Book Reviews on June 20, 2017

Note: This is the third book in the Cubi series. These stories follow closely on each other, so if you haven’t read the first two books, you won’t have any idea what’s going on.

As this third installment of the Cubi series opens, Daniel is still trying to wrap his head around the latest revelation to turn his life upside down. Not only is he becoming an incubus, he is destined to become the king of the North American cubi. He takes the role seriously, and displays an aptitude that surprises the Grand Lords and Ladies that rule the houses. However, he is still a young man not yet 20 years old, raised in the human world, and his life experience hasn’t prepared him for a loving relationship, particularly a cubi one. But it’s the outside, human, world that gives Daniel and all the other cubi their biggest challenge, one that threatens to destroy their culture.

Few new characters are introduced in this installment. Much of the story deals with the complex relationship forming between Daniel, Seldon and the house lord Caledon. While the young prince’s inexperience is the main obstacle, there’s actually a lack of communication on all fronts that makes things worse for everyone.

This would seem to be the pivotal installment in the series. The key characters are all in place and well defined, and by the end of this book they face a major challenge that will probably prove the main theme of the next book. While the background of the next book(s) may be changing, one thing that is proving quite remarkable about this series is the consistent writing, which mixes highly erotic scenes with a strong story line.

If it weren’t for the erotic content, this could almost be a young adult coming-of-age series. We see Daniel maturing with each new installment, from something of a spoiled kid in the first to a somewhat wiser young man desperately trying to be someone deserving of the power that seems to be thrust upon him. At this point, it’s his flaws that make him believable.

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