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by N.R. Walker

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Posted in Book Reviews on April 18, 2017

Lawson is a lepidopterist from Melbourne, on his way to Tasmania to look for a rumored new species of butterfly. Lawson is the very definition of nerd: Highly intelligent, skinny, preppy dress sense, and questionable social skills. Big outdoorsy Jack is on the flight with Lawson. He is returning to his home in Tasmania, where he’s a park ranger, of the area where Lawson is set to look for his butterfly. The two are thrown together right from the start, and despite being opposites in almost every way, they hit it off and can’t really resist their mutual attraction.

“Imago” is a very sweet and rather uncomplicated romance. The relationship between Lawson and Jack grows steadily, without much in the way of drama. The lack of any big dramatic events is actually rather refreshing. The big dramatic turns of many romance stories often come off as artificial.

The two main characters both seem very much like real people. Lawson comes across as a bit of a stereotype, but he is still quite believable and even has a few traits that run counter to type. There are only a few other minor characters, since most of the interaction between the two is when they’re out in the forest alone. The only other significant player is Jack’s dog Rosemary. She is quite believable and an interesting pivotal character.

“Imago” is available from Amazon.

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