Review - Meeting Tiberius and Other Roman Tales by Clodia Metilli

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Meeting Tiberius and Other Roman Tales

by Clodia Metelli

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Volume 3 of Gaius and Tiberius

Tags: Ancient Rome Anthology BDSM

Posted in Book Reviews on March 9, 2016

In this collection of stories featuring Gaius, Tiberius, Achilles and other characters from the previous two books of the series, we learn a bit more about Gaius’ past as well as glimpses of the future after the end of Gaius and Achilles. The first story, which gives the collection its name, recounts how Gaius and Tiberius first met, while later ones tell us about Achilles’ life with Gaius after being freed.

If you liked “Gaius and Achilles” and Dancing Phaedra, then you’ll almost certainly enjoy these stories. They feature the same mix of meticulous details about ancient Roman life alongside some rather kinky scenes between the various characters. However, this does mean you’ll need to have read the previous stories before reading this collection. These stories build on the characters introduced in both the previous books, so you won’t know who they are if you haven’t read the other stories. While these tales add to the depth of the characters, they don’t go into any details of their background or history.

The title story probably adds the most to our knowledge of Gaius and Tiberius, as it describes how they met and formed a relationship based on the mutual interest in dominance and submission. Virtually all of the stories features a hot scene, or two, but as in the previous books, there’s a heavy emphasis on consent and safety.

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