Review - A Bear Walks Into a Bar by Eden Winters

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A Bear Walks Into a Bar

by Eden Winters

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Tags: Menage Shifters novel

Posted in Book Reviews on March 22, 2016

Dillon, Kevin, Jerry and Brad are all on their own before they become friends and settle in a small mountain town to open a bar. They’re all shifters; Dillon is a bear, Kevin and his cousin Jerry are wolves, and Brad is a fox; but it isn’t easy for them since they lost or were forced out of their family groups before they learned how to use and control their powers. With winter coming on, Dillon will need a place to hibernate, but who will keep him safe while he sleeps? And, why are the local elk pooping on the guys’ porch?

Sawyer is also alone, in a way. He’s the only bear left on the mountain, after a war with developers aided by a wolf pack wiped out his entire clan, or sleuth as it is called in the book. He has made peace with the wolves and other factions on his land, although it’s mostly kept by Sawyer’s force of will rather than any desire among the various shifter groups to get along. He has to stay constantly on guard for anything that might disrupt the balance, like the four young shifters who have set up house on his territory without permission.

“A Bear Walks Into a Bar” is a rather fun little sex romp. Stories about shifters often take themselves far to seriously, but as you could probably guess from the title, this book approaches the subject with humor. This is something the author is known for, and why this new work was chosen for review. However, while the trademark humor is still there, this book really cranks up the erotic content.

In spite of the fantasy foundations, the characters are still quite realistic, which helps make the story a little more believable. The characters don’t have much backstories, the four young shifters are all effectively orphans, so the lack of history doesn’t really detract from the plot and helps keep things moving along.

While the characters may not stretch credibility too much, the situation definitely does. It’s a setup that was made for porn, with guys going at it with each other every which way, and sometimes all together at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially when it’s as well written as this. There might be some deeper meaning to all this, like the nature of bonds formed through sex, but that’s probably not why you’re going to enjoy this book.

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