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Gravitational Attraction

by Angel Martinez

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Posted in Book Reviews on October 9, 2013

Isaac dreamed of being a starship pilot, part of an elite force in the galaxy. Unfortunately, the brain implant required to interface with advanced ships failed, leaving the young man subject to massive migraines and unable to even be trusted to fly less advanced ships. Discharged from the military, Isaac is lucky to find a job as communications officer on the small courier ship Hermes, which is where the story really begins. Responding to a distress call, the Hermes finds a disabled ship with everyone on board torn apart, except one man, a huge warrior called Turk.

Isaac finds himself strangely drawn to the mysterious giant, who has been severely traumatized by his ordeal. Turk is also drawn to Isaac, but he has commitments to fulfill as part of an agreement between his secretive people and the military powers. Despite Turk’s efforts, Isaac is drawn into the intrigues which surround the warrior, and now both of their lives are in peril.

“Gravitational Attraction” is the first real page-turner I’ve read in quite some time. Like most [good] science fiction stories, it starts off a bit slowly, as we get to know the future world in which Isaac and Turk live. However, in this case, the story still moves along at a good pace. The background of this story is familiar, although not derivative, even if you have only a passing interest in science fiction. In the military power that Turk is entangled with we can recognize Imperial Storm Troopers and for that matter Turk’s powers might be ‘the force’. While not using these pop culture icons directly, the similarity makes it easy to imagine the background and identify with the characters.

The characters Isaac and Turk really are at the heart of this story. This is not some typical sci-fi space opera with cardboard cut-out characters. The two men are fully fleshed out, with feelings you can readily identify with. What’s more, Isaac and Turk are surrounded by a large cast of friends and colleagues that are equally well-drawn.

There’s enough ‘science’ here to satisfy hard-core sci-fi buffs, as well as more than enough of a story to satisfy those who are mostly interested in romance, which makes “Gravitational Attraction” quite a rare find.

“Gravitational Attraction” is available from Amazon.

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