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Posted in Work In Progress on October 12, 2012

Quite a few things happening at once now, as always:

Worlds Apart Worlds Apart

I just finished the first draft of another book, which I’m calling “Worlds Apart” for now. I even, just a few days ago, made a first stab at the cover. This book is another new departure for me, since the best category I can put it in is Science Fiction, although at its core there’s still a story of the relationship between two men.

Parts of this story have been knocking around my head for many, many years, long before I seriously took up writing fiction, or even travel writing come to that. In fact, this work owes a lot to a book I read about 40 years ago: “Who?” by Algis Budrys. I’ve used what I remember of the structure of that book, as well as some of the central themes, in my story, although I believe “Worlds Apart” is a very different kind of book from the cold war era setting of “Who?”

The story centers on James ‘Jim’ Li, a steady, down-to-earth guy who works as a financial analyst for a Silicon Valley technology firm. One day Jim meets Jon Franklin, a brilliant young man who has just sold some patent rights to Jim’s company. The shy boy genius seems instantly attracted to Jim, who resists getting involved with a geek. But Jim isn’t able to resist Jon’s charms, and his need, for long. The two practically fall into a relationship that seems to be going well until Jon becomes obsessed with an idea he’s working on, and then disappears.

The story opens in the year 2020, more than five years after Jon’s disappearance, when it seems that Jon has reappeared, in a spaceship on it’s way to earth. The book alternates between the present-future, with the events surrounding Jon’s return, and past scenes of the relationship between he and Jim. Jon’s return raises many questions, one of which is, is it really Jon?

As I’ve only just completed the first draft, and there are areas I think could be improved, it’s still going to be a while before “Worlds Apart” is released. It will probably be early next year, at the soonest.

However, I will definitely be looking for beta readers in November or December. If you’re interested, please contact me using the link or the tab at the bottom-right of the screen.

In other news, the last David & Gun story, “Letting Go”, should be released this month. It’s all ready to go and I’m just waiting to get the final copy back from the proofreader.