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David & Gun Series Bundle Now Available

I’m quite pleased to announce that all three books of the David & Gun series are now available as a bundle, at a discounted price, of course. The bundle is only available for direct sale from Ganxy, where you can pay by all major credit cards or Paypal. Both Mobi (Kindle) and ePub versions are available. See the box below for links. “David & Gun Series” by Michael Joseph on Ganxy!

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David and Gun Series Christmas Giveaway

It’s approaching the season of giving, so I’ve decided to give everyone the perfect gift: my books. Okay, so I’m cheap and self-serving doing this, but you know you want to read them. It’s better than dealing with hoards of shoppers or your in-laws, I guarantee. What’s on offer is the entire David & Gun Series, and where you can get it is at All Romance eBooks. The 100% off sale runs from today (7 December) until the 11th of December 2012.

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Just Published - Letting Go

I’ve just published the latest - and last for now - book about David & Gun: Letting Go. In this latest book about the two lovers, we follow the couple and the two young men they brought into their lives in Five At Table, Tom and Chang. “Letting Go” weaves together a series of stories in which David and Gun help the two young men discover the paths that will take them out into the world.

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WIP - Worlds Apart

Quite a few things happening at once now, as always: Worlds Apart I just finished the first draft of another book, which I’m calling “Worlds Apart” for now. I even, just a few days ago, made a first stab at the cover. This book is another new departure for me, since the best category I can put it in is Science Fiction, although at its core there’s still a story of the relationship between two men.

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Work In Progress - August 2012

It’s been a while since I issued any update, and there’s been a reason for that - beyond simply not having anything to share. I’ll [maybe] get to that in a moment, but first I do have some progress to report. [caption id=“attachment_1132” align=“alignright” width=“187”] Cover - Letting Go[/caption] At long last I put the finishing touches on the first draft of “Letting Go”. It’s a bit shorter than I would like, but it’s long enough, so baring any sudden flash of inspiration - always a possibility but unlikely in the current circumstances - the story is complete.

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Excerpt - Letting Go, Chapter Two

The new David & Gun book, Letting Go, is slowly coming together. The first draft is almost complete, although there’s still a lot of polish needed here and there. It’s hard to say when it will be finished, since I seem to be spending endless amounts of time tweaking a few passages, but I’m reasonably confident it will be ready some time in the fall, so I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek at a chapter.

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Cover Reveal - Letting Go

The first draft of my next book, Letting Go is well on its way towards completion, so it’s time to start thinking about the cover: Cover - Letting Go Letting Go picks up the story of my last book, Five At Table, more or less where it left off. It continues the tale of David, his husband/Dom/lover Gun, and the three young men that have become part of their family: Tom, Chang and Den.

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Excerpt - Five At Table - Chapter Five

Here’s another sneak peak at a part of Five At Table (formerly “Baby Makes Three”), which will be released next week (I hope). It describes a trip David makes with Tom, the university student he and Gun are mentoring, while the two are still getting to know one another. [caption id=“attachment_794” align=“aligncenter” width=“600” caption=“Some of the ruins of Ayutthaya, the old capital of Siam, talked about in this excerpt.”][/caption] David and Tom set out early in the morning to go to Ayutthaya, the old Siamese capital, by train.

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