New Version of The Naga's Treasure, and I'm on ARE

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Posted in News on November 16, 2012

I’ve got a couple of new, well, new-ish, things to tell you about:

The Naga’s Treasure The Naga’s Treasure

First, the really new thing, because I just finished it, is a new edition of one of my earliest books, The Naga’s Treasure. I’ve been a little surprised at how well this book continues to do. This was one of those books (and there have been more since) that just took root in my head and emerged in long sessions at the keyboard over the course of a few weeks. It seemed like it was pure (albeit fun) smut, but several people have seen more than that in it, and now that I’ve revisited the text, I can see that more clearly. The book touches on some themes that I went on to explore a bit more fully in the David & Gun series.

I’ve just been through a whole new edit of the manuscript, finding a few missing or wrong words, and correcting some glaring (to me, now) errors in punctuation. I comfort myself that I was consistent, even if it was consistently wrong. I’ve also managed to come up with a new cover. I was never happy with the old one, and while the new one still isn’t quite there, it is at least an improvement.

The other bit of news is that this book, along with the entire “David & Gun” series, is now available at All Romance Ebooks (‘ARE’). I’ve been quite pleasantly surprised at how well the books have sold through ARE in just the few weeks I’ve had them up, so I’ll be adding the rest of my back list in the near future.

As a sort of celebration of both events, I’ve listed “The Naga’s Treasure” on All Romance Ebooks for just 99 cents, while it’s still listed for $1.99 elsewhere. You can get the book in mobi format for Kindles and Kindle apps, ePub for iBooks, Kobo, etc. or in PDF format if you prefer. You can follow this link to get directly to the book’s page on All Romance Ebooks.