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Posted in News on December 12, 2011

I’m back at work on my contemporary younger/older, Thai/American D/s story, in what I think are my final changes. I think I may have it ready for a release before Christmas. I’ve been through a few titles for this book - “Deconstructing David” and “Claiming David” among them - but I think I’ve settled on Holding On. It’s not very distinctive, but it’s simple and I think it adequately captures one of the key themes of the story.

I’ve had very good feedback from some ‘beta’ readers, and want to send out a special thanks to Pati and ‘Librarian Kate’ for their suggestions. During this last week while I’ve been traveling, I’ve also had some good ideas on how to strengthen the early parts of the story to better set up what happens later. Thanks to all this I think this is one of the strongest stories I’ve written so far.

To recap, David is a 40-ish American living in Bangkok, and facing a bit of a mid-life crisis. After more than a dozen years living in Thailand, he has become disillusioned and is considering returning to the states for the first time. David is very shy but wears his heart on his sleeve. He came to Thailand in search of love, but after a string of relationships that didn’t go anywhere, David has come to realize that he might be a submissive, and doubts he could find a suitable dominant in Thailand. Then, into David’s life drops Gun, a strong, confident 30-something Thai man. Gun is an experienced dom and seems to be everything that David could hope for, but David’s own insecurities may sink the relationship before it really gets off the ground.

Look for another blog post when the book is released.

The Naga’s Treasure

In other news, I’m quite pleased that The Naga’s Treasure has received a five-star review over at Goodreads. That’s on top of the four star rating another person gave it. It’s nice to know you like me, you really, really like me. *sniff*