Review - Family Pet by KI Brightly and M.D. Gregory

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Family Pet

by KI Brightly, M.D. Gregory

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Tags: Erotica BDSM

Posted in Book Reviews on May 21, 2023

Content warning: The book in this review contains dubious consent and incest.

Saint is the eldest son of one of the city's wealthiest and most powerful families. When his parent's latest investment scheme goes sour, they skip town with all the money, leaving Saint to deal with a group of angry investors out for blood. With no money to leave town himself, Saint takes on an assumed name and finds work as a waiter in a restaurant. That's where his cousin Ridge spots him. The two young men have been adversaries for years, pitted against each other by their ruthless family. Ridge tells his father about his find, hoping it will help get him on the man's good side. Bowie hates the damage done to the family's reputation by his brother's actions, and he has no problem taking out his frustration on his nephew. He comes up with an offer to save Saint that is as reprehensible as it is impossible to refuse.

“Family Pet” is a very kinky erotic fantasy incorporating taboo subjects such as dubious consent and incest. There are a few things about the plot setup and the first few scenes, in particular, that don't quite make sense, but as with all forms of fantasy, you need to suspend a bit of disbelief and go with the flow.

We get to know the three main characters rather well over the course of the story. For erotica, the three men are quite complex and nuanced. The point of view alternates between all three. Saint is, of course, the critical character. We have to believe that he not only accepts the position his uncle puts him in but that he comes to enjoy it. As one of the secondary characters puts it late in the book, Saint may not have had a gun to his head, but the situation amounts to the same thing. So, it's not like he has much choice but to accept his uncle's help. The authors do a good job of portraying the contrasting emotions of the young man. Society and his own pride tell him acting like a ‘pet’ is wrong, yet he has a strong submissive streak that finds the experience pleasurable.

We also get to know Bowie and Ridge well enough to see them as more than the cruel father and son they first appear to be. In many ways, it's the two would-be tormentors who change the most by the end. These complex characters, along with a compelling storyline, make this story a cut above the usual erotica fare.

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