Review - Draconian Measures by J.C. Owens

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Draconian Measures

by J.C. Owens

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Volume 3 of Gavin

Tags: Fantasy

Posted in Book Reviews on July 13, 2022

Graitaan is the last of his kind. He was sent as part of a group of 50 Draconian warriors to another world to help the human king fight off invaders. His comrades have all died in battle, leaving Graitaan alone among the humans and their Finnarian allies. Graitaan has no great love for the humans, but he dislikes the Finnarirans even more, one of them being his commander, Sadan. Still, he has a soldier's honor, fights for the king, and obeys his commander's orders. When not fighting, he keeps to himself. Sadan has lusted after the Draconian warrior since he first laid eyes on him. Graitaan's irascible attitude doesn't deter him in the least. Instinct tells Sadan that the Draconian is his destined life mate, no matter how unlikely that seems. The trick will be getting Graitaan to see that for himself.

“Draconian Measures” is a sort of back-story to the Gavin series. One of the main characters of the first two books appears and plays a minor role in the latter part of this book. You don't have to have read the previous books to enjoy this one. The main characters are different. It's just set in the same fantasy world.

The point of view switches between the two main characters. Graitaan is a dragon-like humanoid. He has scales and wings, although he rarely flies. And, he doesn't shoot fire, unless you count his fierce nature. As the last of his kind stranded on a foreign planet, he's lonely. He keeps everyone at arm's length to keep from being hurt more and to ensure that he shows no vulnerability. As a warrior, he has to show strength at all times and uphold the honor of his people.

It's actually relatively easy to see why Graitaan dislikes Sadan so much. Finnarians can drink blood and feed off sexual energy. They're sort of a cross of vampire and incubus. They're bigger and stronger than even Draconians and practically immortal. It's no surprise that they have a bit of a superiority complex. Sadan pursues Graitaan as if he knows the Draconian can't resist him. As the story progresses, we get to know him a bit better, and he becomes a bit more likable.

This is a fast-paced, hot and steamy love story. It's not quite an enemies-to-lovers tale, but close.

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