Review - Pieces of Us by N.R. Walker

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Pieces of Us

by N.R. Walker

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Volume 3 of Missing Pieces

Tags: Contemporary Australia

Posted in Book Reviews on March 29, 2021

Kindly note: This book starts directly after the ending of the second, and picks up with the same characters right where they left off. If you haven't read the first two installments of this series, be prepared for spoilers.

Justin continues to recover from the horrific traffic accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury as well as a broken arm and leg. There are good days, when more of Justin's personality emerges from the mist surrounding his cognitive capabilities, but there are also bad days, when the stress of an unwelcome visitor sends him back into an unresponsive fog. Fortunately, his boyfriend Dallas is always there for Justin, even when Juss's newfound mobility leads him to be adventurous enough to wander out of Dallas's sight.

This third and final book of the Missing Pieces series continues the almost day-by-day account of Justin's recovery, helped along with the constant love and support of Dallas. Like the first two books, it's quite a page-turner that I tore through in three evenings. The writing is clear and simple, and along with that more or less daily account, it makes it hard to put down. There's just no “good” place to stop.

The characters remain true to the picture we've gotten of them over the course of the series. Dallas remains amazingly dedicated to taking care of Justin and watching out for him. He does show that he is a little less than perfect in this book. He isn't as mindful of Justin's stress as he'd like to be, and he shows he is going to have a hard time letting go when his boyfriend starts to be a little more independent.

Justin and his recovery remain at the center of the story. As I've already suggested, it's quite a compelling story, and very believable, even if his recovery probably represents a best-case scenario. As the book unfolds, more of Justin's original personality unfolds, and that provides some of the funniest passages of the whole series.

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